Zad Egypt. About us

About us

As today’s retail and food market continues to evolve, customers are redefining value and convenience as they change the way they shop and adopt new technologies. To match the ways our customers shop, we developed ZAD, a highly rated mobile app and a conveniently designed website to make for a better and more efficient shopping experience. ZAD now covers all of Alexandria and provides more than 5000 products the including fresh fruits & vegetables, cheese & deli, premium meat & poultry, premium seafood, dried goods, and much more!

we are able to keep our customers excited with new and exciting products to meet our customer’s expectations. Our talented culinary work tirelessly to deliver consistently high quality, safe, and fresh products every day.Our handcrafted products are prepared by passionate chefs using the finest ingredients that are free from any artificial preservatives, additives, and have complied with the highest health standards.

We always ensure to only collaborate with suppliers that share our core values for safety and ethically responsible production. We source products from partners that aim to find the most sustainable and innovative means of production. Also, we have collaborated with a very well known food production facilities with the best machinery and ingredients in that produce a wide range of handcrafted products ranging from frozen ready to cook items & Bakery.

At ZAD, we aim to provide you with quality, ease and convenience at your meal’s every step. Whether you’re ordering, receiving or preparing your meal, we hope that we will inspire you to discover the fun and passion of home cooking.